2020 Board of Trustees



Pictured above - Back Row, Left to Right: Dr. Paul Cormier, Kal Pristanski, Margaret McIntyre, Jason Nesbitt, Christine Major, Allison Pelletier.  Front Row, Left to Right: Vice Chair Mark Mannisto, Director of Education Nicole Morden Cormier and Board Chair Pinky McRae.  Missing from the group photo is Trustee Michael Groulx and Student Trustees Stephanie Rathwell and Sydney Schwantz


MARATHON, Ontario – The Superior-Greenstone District School Board held its 2020 Annual Organizational and Regular Board Meeting on Monday, December 2, 2019. 


Trustee Pinky McRae was acclaimed as the 2020 Board Chair and Trustee Mark Mannisto was acclaimed as the Board Vice-Chair for the second consecutive year. Two other executive positions of the Board determined by acclamation were Margaret McIntyre as Education Chair and Mark Mannisto as Chair of the Business/Negotiation Committee.


Returning Trustees are Michael Groulx (Red Rock, Dorion, Hurkett), Christine Major (Manitouwadge), Jason Nesbitt (Schreiber, Terrace Bay), Allison Pelletier (Greenstone), Margaret McIntyre (Marathon), Dr. Paul Cormier (First Nations Trustee), Kal Pristanski (Nipigon), Student Trustees Stephanie Rathwell and Sydney Schwantz.  Together this group will represent their constituents and work with Superior-Greenstone DSB Senior Administration in the delivery of quality education for students.


Upon assuming the role of Chair for the 10th consecutive year, McRae thanked the Board for their support and expressed her gratitude for the role.  She complemented the Board on their strong ability to work well together as a team.  She stated that, “building strong relationships is an integral part of our Strategic Plan and is of equal importance for our Board of Trustees.  Together we have built and must continue to build strong relationships so we can continue to achieve our strategic goals and make a difference for our students.” 


Once the election matters were concluded Board Chair Pinky McRae moved forward with the organizational portion of the meeting and the task of appointing trustees to the various statutory and standing committees of the Board.  Appointments to the Board statutory committees carrying a mandate for the Board term which ends on November 30, 2020 included the Parental Involvement Committee, the Indigenous Education Advisory Committee and the Occupational Health and Safety Committee.


Once the organizational portion was complete, the regular section of Board meeting began where general business, including the 2020 Regular Board meetings schedule was approved.  A motion was passed to set the 2020 dates as follows;

Monday, January 27                  Tuesday, February 18                Monday, March 23

Monday, April 20                       Monday, May 4                         Monday, May 25

Monday, June 8                        Monday, June 22                       Monday, July 13

Monday, August 24                    Monday, September 28              Monday, October 19

Monday, November 16               Monday, November 30

Meetings will take place at the Marathon Board Meeting Room at 6:30 p.m. except for the November 30th Organizational meeting which will begin at 1:00 pm and the May and October meetings will take place at the Marjorie Mills Public School and the Superior-Greenstone DSB Learning Centre. 


The Board also was presented with the Director’s Annual Report for the 2018-2019 school year.  This report included the progress and key actions taken towards meeting the goals and objectives outlined within the Boards strategic plan.  A presentation was provided by the System Leads outlining the activities and system changes implemented to enhance the equitable and inclusive learning environment at SGDSB.   Please visit the Superior-Greenstone website at; www. sgdsb.on.ca and read about the learning that has taken place in and across the district. 


Director of Education Nicole Morden Cormier stated that, “we are grateful to this dynamic group of volunteers for their commitment to our families, communities, students and to public education. This Board meeting is an opportunity to celebrate our progress this past year as we not only engaged in a comprehensive measure of where we are as an organization and articulated this status through baseline reports in each of the four pillars, but engaged in many strategies to operationalize the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan.  Our Strategic Plan is grounded in our overall aim of supporting our students in further developing a positive sense of identity, strong achievement and of fostering well-being.  Together, the Trustees and our dedicated staff will continue to inspire our students to succeed and make a difference.”