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Chemical Waste Disposal within SGDSB

The Plant Department has implemented an annual hazardous waste and surplus chemical disposal pick up program for the schools. Schools will have the opportunity to dispose of waste and surplus chemicals from the science labs (including biology specimens),  auto shop program and fluorescent light bulbs annually.

Note:  The automotive shop program is not to collect waste fluids from work done on vehicles belonging to the general public.  In cases of  oil changes, trans fluids, antifreeze changes, gear oil, etc., the waste products are to be sent with the owner of the vehicle being serviced.

Please make arrangements with your Department Heads  and Head Custodians to identify surplus and waste chemicals to be disposed from your school. 

The waste disposal request form must be filled out and submitted electronically to sgdsb%23on%23ca|hazardouswaste

Your list should outline the name of the chemical and size in litres or grams of the container. Example if a 1 litre bottle of Sulfuric acid is ½ full then it is counted as a 1 litre bottle of Sulfuric acid.  

Attached is a list of banned chemicals which are prohibited in schools and a list of safe use chemicals in school science laboratories.   


There are six category groups that chemicals are to be placed in for disposal transportation: 

  1. Acid waste
  2. Alkaline waste
  3. Organic liquid or solid waste
  4. Oxidizing waste
  5. Reactive waste
  6. Cyanide waste


Florescent tubes must be bundled together, taped and placed in cardboard box, and all spiral bulbs are to be collected in a plastic pail with a lid.


SGDSB Waste Disposal Process:

 Click here for the SGDSB Hazardous Waste Disposal Form.  Please print it and

In order to deal with the pickup of hazardous waste products from your school, The Plant Department requires the following steps to be followed:


  1. Fill in the SGDSB Waste Disposal Request Form – Available in the Plant Department link shown above.
  2. Detailed inventory list must be identified of each item to be picked up
  3. Send the completed SGDSB Waste Disposal Request Form electronically to sgdsb%23on%23ca|hazardouswaste
  4. Waste Disposal Form submission deadline is the third Monday in June
  5. Hazardous Waste Inventory will only be collected annually,  pick up will be coordinated the last week in June


NOTE: Only schools who have submitted the Waste Disposal Form by the third week in June deadline will receive pick up.  Inventory will be picked up at the schools and transported to SGDSB designated hazardous waste generator site located in Marathon where the products will be assessed. and sorted for recycling and/or disposal.    


Should you have any questions, please contact the Manager of Plant Services, or Coordinator of Maintenance.


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