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December 22, 2017

Proposed Executive Compensation Program for SGDSB

December 22, 2017—In 2014, the Government of Ontario began the process of developing public sector compensation frameworks to ensure a transparent and consistent approach to executive compensation. The Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act of 2014 (“BPSECA” or “the Act”), introduced by the Ontario Government, applies to all Ontario public sector designated employers, including universities, colleges, hospitals, and school boards. This includes Superior-Greenstone District School Board.

In compliance with the Act, Ontario Regulation 304/16 – Executive Compensation Framework, and Ontario Regulation 187/17 (“the Regulations”), all 72 Ontario public sector school boards collaboratively developed a comprehensive proposed executive compensation program to support executive compensation management across the Province. This work was completed in consultation with Mercer (Canada) Limited, an independent consulting firm that specializes in executive compensation.

The proposed executive compensation program sets out a rational compensation approach for executive positions across all school boards, including those in SGDSB. The school boards are committed to meeting the intent and goals of the Ministry of Education and Treasury Board Secretariat to ensure responsible and transparent executive compensation management in the Ontario broader public sector.

In the education sector, a competitive, fair and responsible executive compensation program is vital for attracting and retaining the talented, innovative leadership required to ensure continued progress in student achievement and success. Our proposed Executive Compensation Program (Pdf) balances the need to manage compensation costs and the need to attract and retain the executive talent we seek. Any increases to compensation will be fully funded by the Ministry of Education.

As part of the government regulations, all Ontario broader public sector employers are required to elicit public feedback for 30 days for their proposed executive compensation program. Following a review of the input, the final executive compensation program will be posted.

If you have feedback on this program please email sgdsb%23on%23ca|boardoffice.  Public feedback will be accepted until January 22, 2018.  All feedback is appreciated and will be kept on record.

For Frequently Asked Questions please click hereFor more information, contact:
GerriLynn Christianson, Administrative Assistant to the Director/Communications, 807-229-0436 , extension 223, 

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