Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence in Education



Superior-Greenstone DSB is celebrating 20 years of relationship building.  Through decades of strong leadership, our small schools have inspired students to succeed and make a difference. Our Directors of Education, both past and present, have honourably served our district and improved education in our province.  They have positively impacted the lives of students, families, and communities through the building of relationships.  During Education Week we pay tribute to the legacy of leadership and quality education that Superior-Greenstone DSB has provided to Northern Ontario.  We value the strong relationships they have helped build in our schools and in the communities that we serve.  Through their leadership and collaboration with our partners, Superior-Greenstone DSB has helped generations of students achieve academic success and a positive sense of well-being.    Thank you to our Directors for their vision, dedication and for believing in the potential of our students, staff & partners.   

Years of Service Directors of Education for Superior-Greenstone District School Board
2018 - Present Nicole Morden Cormier
2010 - 2018 David Tamblyn
2007 - 2010 Patti Pella
2005 - 2007 Lisa Haman
2004-2005 Terry Ellwood
1999-2004 Heather Wilson-Boast
1998 Joe Virdiramo