About Us

Marathon Board Office

  • no-image-female

    Sonja Stephenson

    Health & Wellness Administrator

  • no-image-female

    Paula Landry

    Payroll Clerk

  • Betty Ann Slade

    Betty Ann Slade

    Payroll Clerk

  • Debbie Skworchinski

    Debbie Skworchinski

    Reception/Education & IT Secretary

  • no-image-male

    Brent Harris

    Manager of Financial Services

  • GerriLynn Christianson

    GerriLynn Christianson

    Administrative Assistant to Director/Communications

  • Jay Lucas

    Jay Lucas

    Coordinator: Information Technology

  • Jeffrey Fullerton

    Jeffrey Fullerton

    IT Technician

  • no-image-female

    Connie Chouinard

    Accounting Clerk

  • Corinne Hooper

    Corinne Hooper

    Human Resources Secretary

  • Linda Demers

    Linda Demers

    Coordinator of Businss / Initiatives

  • Marian Turgeon

    Marian Turgeon

    Payroll Administrator

  • Tracy Tammi

    Tracy Tammi

    Accounts Payable Clerk

  • no-image-male

    Denis Nault

    Manager, Human Resources

  • Marc Paris

    Marc Paris

    Manager, Plant Services/ Transportation