Early Years

Early Years Experiences at Kindergarten

If your child is registering for Kindergarten (age 3-4 years of age), please print the Early Years Experiences at Kindergarten (EYE@K) survey in the language of your choice.  Please bring your completed survey to your child's school. 

Participation in the survey is voluntary.  If you have any questions or require support, please contact your child's school.  


Frequently Asked Questions or Comments from Families

This is a voluntary survey for you to complete.  It does however; help our schools, Superior-Greenstone District School Board and the Ministry of Education to determine the services being utilized.  It also helps us get to know you and your child better.  Understanding the experience your child has had prior to coming to school helps us get the classroom and the school ready for their arrival.

This survey is being done at every school in the province.  The Ministry of Education determined that the easiest and more efficient way for this information to be collected was through Kindergarten registration as it is already information we collect through the Kindergarten registration but it also makes it easier to collect the information from everyone entering school.

Not at all! This is a way to collect data on children who have a variety of different experiences prior to entering kindergarten.  Each experience is as important as the other is and are based on individual family decisions.  Each family and child is unique and we value all of the experiences our new kindergarten students will have when they join our school. 

Each community in the province of Ontario provides different early year programs and opportunities.  This survey allows the Ministry of Education, school boards and community partners to gain an understanding of the programs and services that are available in the communities, to determine where more programs or services may be needed and how these programs and services can be promoted. 

Although, your child may not require these programs and services any more, there are other children in the community who may need them.  It will help with future planning. 

The answers you provide will be shared with the school to help our educators and principals support your child’s transition to full-day kindergarten.  The information will also be shared with the Ministry of Education, Superior-Greenstone District School Board and childcare system planners in your community.  The information will help them to plan, coordinate and improve the programs and services for families and young children in your community.  The personal information is collected under the legal authority of the Education Act R.S.O 1980, S. 8. 1. 

For any of the questions that parents do not want to answer, they can simply check the “Don’t remember/Prefer not to answer/no applicable” box. 

You can contact your school’s Principal or Hillary Freeburn, Early Years System Principal for SGDSB at 807-886-2253.