April 11, 2014

Superior-Greenstone DSB – Celebrates Neurodiversity Day


MARATHON, Ontario – On April 16th, Superior-Greenstone District School Board is celebrating Neurodiversity Day.  What is neurodiversity you ask?  Neurodiversity refers to the idea that people experience the world differently based on their neurological attributes. It is most commonly applied to people with autism-spectrum conditions such as Asperger's Syndrome, but has also sometimes been applied to describe certain mental illnesses, learning disabilities, and other neurological differences. Neurodiversity is not about highlighting disabilities it is about celebrating the unique attributes of our minds and how we think differently.


Teachers in the classroom recognize neurological diversity and the individual leaning styles of their students by employing instructional strategies that build on the student’s strengths.  Through differentiated instruction teachers tailor their teaching practice to meet the learning needs of their students. “When we focus on the student’s strengths” says Director of Education David Tamblyn, “we enable students to overcome the challenges they face in other areas of their learning. Students gain a better understanding of their neurological attributes, their strengths, their talents and how they learn best”.  Tamblyn explains that it is important for us to build on a child’s strengths to enable them to fully realize their potential in school and in life.


It has been part of the school board improvement plan to recognize and address the individual learning needs of their students and create a positive learning environment for all students to succeed and make a difference.  On April 16th schools throughout the district will celebrate Neurodiversity Day.  Please contact your community SGDSB School to learn more about the activities planned to celebrate “how we think differently”.


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