Board Statutory & Board Standing Committees

Board Statutory and Standing Committee Meeting Minutes.

  • SEAC:  Special Education Advisory Committee (Statutory)

    Each Board in the Province of Ontario is required to establish a Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) as defined in Ontario Regulation 464/97 made under the Education Act, Special Education Advisory Committees. All SEAC meetings are open to the general public and may take place by teleconference, videoconference, face-to-face, or a combination of the three methods. Meetings normally take place the second Tuesday of the month.

    SEAC members consist of local associations as well as trustees and resource personnel. Members are required to attend, participate, review and make recommendations on a variety of subject matters as it relates to Special Education in our communities. Some activities include but are not limited to, reviewing the SGDSB Special Education Plan, reviewing Special Education budgets, participating in professional development, corresponding with other boards and advocating system needs. SEAC meetings foster equity and human rights practices for all students in Superior-Greenstone District School Board.

  • BPRC:  Board Policy Review Committee (Standing)
    • Superior-Greenstone DSBThe Board Policy Committee is a standing committee responsible to the board for developing policies that outline how Superior-Greenstone District School Board will successfully function. School Boards are responsible for facilitating the policy development and review process, which involves

      • Ensuring that board policies are consistent with the Education Act and Regulations and other legislation;
      • Reviewing policies to ensure that they are still relevant;
      • Reviewing policies to ensure that they conform to the criteria for board governance policies; and
      • Ensuring that policies have been implemented effectively.


      1. a) Trustees as determined by the board;
      2. b) The chair of the board, as an ex officio member; and
      3. c) The director of education and/or the director’s designate(s) as the administrative liaison for the Board Policy Committee.

      Meetings:Meetings are held every two months or as needed, as determined by the committee.


  • IEAC:  Indigenous Education Advisory Committee (Standing)

     Superior-Greenstone DSB recognizes the importance of co-operation and communication between Indigenous partners and is committed to the implementation of the Ontario First Nation, Metis, and Inuit Education Policy Framework. Within this framework are key strategies including:

    • Increase the capacity of SGDSB to respond to the learning and cultural needs of Indigenous students;
    • Improve achievement among Indigenous students;
    • Provide curriculum about contemporary and traditional Indigenous cultures, histories, and perspectives among all students, also contributing to awareness among school board staff, teachers, and elected trustees; and
    • Facilitate increased participation by Indigenous parents, students, communities, and organizations in working to support student success.

    Recommended Participants:

    1. Trustees;
    2. Director of Education;
    3. Indigenous students, parents;
    4. Community stakeholders;
    5. Indigenous community representation;
    6. Indigenous Education Lead; and
    7. Board staff aligned with Indigenous education


    Meetings will be held at least 4 times per year.


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