Indigenous Education

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Indigenous Education Advisory Committee (IEAC)

Superior-Greenstone DSB recognizes the importance of co-operation and communication between Indigenous partners and is committed to the implementation of the Ontario First Nation, Metis, and Inuit Education Policy Framework. Within this framework are key strategies including:

  • Increase the capacity of SGDSB to respond to the learning and cultural needs of Indigenous students;
  • Improve achievement among Indigenous students;
  • Provide curriculum about contemporary and traditional Indigenous cultures, histories, and perspectives among all students, also contributing to awareness among school board staff, teachers, and elected trustees; and
  • Facilitate increased participation by Indigenous parents, students, communities, and organizations in working to support student success.

Recommended Participants:

  1. Trustees;
  2. Director of Education;
  3. Indigenous students, parents;
  4. Community stakeholders;
  5. Indigenous community representation;
  6. Indigenous Education Lead; and
  7. Board staff aligned with Indigenous education


Meetings will be held at least 4 times per year.