Board Leadership Development Strategy

WELCOME to the link for information on the BOARD LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY (BLDS) for our Board.  Whether you are an academic leader, a non-academic leader, a new principal/vice principal, an aspiring leader, or an experienced administrator you will find beneficial information, forms, resources, and handouts just a click away!


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The ONTARIO LEADERSHIP FRAMEWORK is the umbrella document for the Board Leadership Development Strategy initiative.  The Ontario Ministry of Education assists boards in their efforts to support both their academic and non-academic leaders through Mentoring Newly Appointed School Leaders, Aspiring Leaders Programs, Principal Performance Appraisals, and Terms and Conditions.

Information on the Board Leadership Development Strategy can be accessed by clicking on the links below:     

Superior-Greenstone DSB Information

*Principal/Vice Principal Handbook - elementary  2010

* Principal/Vice Principal Handbook- secondary    2010


Ontario Leadership Strategy

The Ontario Leadership Strategy was developed to foster leadership of the highest possible quality in schools and school boards.

School and system leaders play a critical role in creating the conditions of success, increasing student achievement, reducing gaps in student achievement and increasing public confidence in publicly funded education.

What is the leadership strategy?

The Ontario Leadership Strategy is a comprehensive three-year plan of action. The strategy supports student achievement and wellbeing by attracting and developing skilled and passionate school and system leaders.

The strategy has two goals:

  1. Attract the right people to the principalship
  2. Help principals and vice-principals develop into  the best possible instructional leaders

Who Benefits?

  • School leaders get the supports they need to succeed in a complex and challenging role
  • System leaders receive supports that enable them to foster successful school leadership
  • School boards get guidance, tools and support in developing succession plans and leadership strategies
  • Students receive the support they need to reach their highest potential.

*Supporting the Ontario Leadership Strategy Moving Forward 2012-2013

*Ontario Leadership Strategy Quick Facts 2012-2013

*Ontario Leadership Strategy Quick Facts 2011 - Evaluation of the Strategy


Ontario Leadership Framework

*Ontario Leadership Framework 2012

*System Leader Placemat

*School Leader Placemat

*Ontario Leadership Framework Quick Facts 2012-2013

*Quick Facts:  Support for System Leaders

*Ontario Leadership Congress 2012- Key Concepts from the Revised OLF


Board Leadership Development Strategy

*Board Leadership Development Manual 2012

*BLDS Quick Facts 2011-2012

*Self Assessment Tool for Principals/Vice Principals

*Self Assessment Tool article

*Closing the Achievement Gap -2012


Mentoring Newly Appointed School Leaders

*Mentoring Newly Appointed School Leader Manual  2011

*Annual Growth Plan Template and Mentee Learning Plan Template

*Sample Mentee Learning Plan

*Teacher Performance Appraisal Process: Practical Strategies for Implementation

*Teacher Performance Appraisal Frequently Asked Questions 2012

*School Effectiveness Framework K-12, 2010


Principal Performance Appraisals

*Principal/Vice Principal Performance Appraisal Technical Requirements Manual

* Annual Growth Plan template

*Annual Growth Plan Template- sample

*PPA Tip Sheet- Setting Goals

*PPA Tip Sheet - Giving and Receiving Feedback

*Tip Sheet:  Engaging in Courageous Conversations

*PPA Questions and Answers

*Principals Want to Know handout - PPA  2012


Aspiring Leaders Program

*SGDSB Aspiring Academic Leader Program 2012

* Building Your Portfolio


School Culture

*Promoting a Positive School Climate

*Principals Want to Know:  Promoting A Positive School Climate



What Principals Want to Know pamphlets

*A Sound Investment - Financial Literacy

*Annual Learning Plans and Teacher Performance Appraisals

*Coaching to Support Adolescent Literacy  2010

*Differentiated Instruction

*Engaging Parents in their Children's Learning

*Engaging Students

*Having Courageous Conversations

*IEP Development and Implementation

*IEP- Principal's Roles and Responsibilities


*Intentional Play-based Learning in Full-Day Kindergarten

*Documentation in Full-Day Kindergarten

*Math Clips

*Moving to Public Practise

*Principal Performance Appraisals

*Setting Goals

*Student Voice Initiative

*Supporting Educator Teams in Full Day Kindergarten

*Using Data

*Using EQAO Data

*Making Time for Instructional Leadership

In Conversation pamphlets

* Values Driven Leadership

* 21st Century Leadership

*Evolving Perspectives

*Strong Roots- Bright Futures

*The Authentic Leader

*Leading Change

*Leading the Instructional Core

*Leadership and Integrative Thinking

*Student Engagement

Ideas Into Action pamphlets

*Engaging in Courageous Conversations

*Five Core Capacities of Effective Leaders

*Setting Goals

*Using Data

*Aligning Resources with Priorities

*Promoting Collaborative Learning Cultures