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Liability Insurance

Permit holders have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for those participating in a given activity and will be required to carry general liability insurance based on the nature of their events (in other words a policy that will protect the business or organization from most situations where the user group could be held liable for bodily injury or property loss or damage). 

For the most part, incorporated or registered businesses and organizations already carry such general liability insurance and a copy of proof may be obtained by contacting the appropriate department within the organization or by way of contacting the organizations' insurance broker. Proof of insurance must show:

  • a comprehensive general liability insurance for an amount not less than $5,000,000 (general aggregate);
  • that policy covers the activities of the authorized user;
  • SUPERIOR-GREENSTONE District School Board' is added as additional insured.


 ****Insurance company name, policy number, and expiry date information is needed by permit requestor

when completing step 1 of permitting process****

But what if you are a small user group and are not part of an existing insurance program?

As a small user group, options include sourcing liability insurance through a local insurance broker or determine if you qualify under the Ontario School Boards' Insurance (OSBIE) program:

 Ontario School Boards' Insurance Exchange Facility User Group Insurance Program (only offers coverage by activity type and never to organizations that do have existing liability insurance coverage in place through their main/head office/affiliation)

Facility User Group Insurance FAQ


In case you are interested in using school facilities for Sleeping Accommodations (overnight), you must follow these instructions first before submitting your facility use request:

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