May 13, 2013

Jennifer Dubois, a student of Nipigon-Red Rock District High School takes getting involved very seriously and her interest in giving student’s a voice was seriously considered in the office of the Minister of Education, Liz Sandals. 

Dubois is among 63 students from across the province named to serve on the Minister’s Student Advisory Council (MSAC) for 2013-2014.  She and her student colleagues are representative of all parts of the education system (English/French/Public and Catholic Boards) who are in grade 7 through grade 12. 

Dubois who applied for the opportunity to serve on the MSAC last fall said, “I’m ready for my thoughts to be heard and to see change in our schools.  I’ve had the chance to learn at schools in different areas of Ontario and each school is different; their needs are specific to the areas where they attend and I love to share my opinions to try and improve things.” 

Dubois will have the opportunity to provide student perspectives, advice, recommendations and take part in consultations with the Minister of Education regarding ministry policies, programs and practices.  The student group is also enlisted to provide feedback related to the student engagement activities, student-focused communication strategies and products, such as websites, brochures, pamphlets and DVD clips.

Dubois’ tasks over the next school year will include the development and use of on-line surveys and other communication strategies to engage and raise awareness among students about the programs and services available for Ontario students.  The position affords its student council members a valuable opportunity to hone their leadership skills while contributing to myriad of student engagement programs.

The Minister’s Student Advisory Council had its inaugural meeting on May 6, 2013 at Queen’s Park in Toronto.  Their itinerary over the next year will include two face-to-face meetings with Minister Sandals, participation in at least one regional student forum and virtual meetings to be scheduled between September 2013 and June 2014.

The Board of Trustees and system administrators join the staff and students at Nipigon-Red Rock District High School in extending congratulations to Dubois on being selected for this prestigious and exclusive appointment to the MSAC.