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WELCOME to the link for up-to-date material on our New Teacher Induction Program!  Whether you are a new teacher/LTO, mentor, or administrator you will find beneficial information, forms, resources and newsletters just a click away. 

  NEED ASSISTANCE?  Contact Information

Board NTIP Lead:  Shelley Gladu  807-875-2128,

Regional Resource Teachers:  Lindsay Costa at LSHS, sgdsb%23on%23ca|lcosta   &   Sanna Humphreys at GCHS, sgdsb%23on%23ca|shumphreys


 Information on the New Teacher Induction Program can be accessed by clicking on the links below:                          

NTIP OVERVIEW:   The goal of the New Teacher Induction Program is to provide new teachers with the professional development and individualized support they need to be successful in their beginning years of teaching.  The program is supported by a trilateral framework which involves collaboration between the new teacher, principal, and mentor.


ORIENTATION:  Quality orientation programs enable new teaches to become familiar with the classroom, school, school board, education in Ontario and the New Teacher Induction Program.  Informative school-based orientations are highly valued by new teachers and provide an opportunity for administrators to ensure new teachers are introduced to school logistics, expectations, staff, policies/procedures, code of conduct, school culture, school community info, resource supports, report card technology, PLC's policies, etc.)

INDIVIDUAL STRATEGY FORM- use of this form is REQUIRED by all new teachers and LTO's

MENTORING:  Ongoing support through participation in a professional, collegial and confidential relationship enables a new teacher to enhance their skills and confidence.

                    -  Preparation for Classroom Observations

                    -  Observation Tool - Shape Reflection

                    -  Action Planning - Here's What/So What/Now What?

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Appropriate, ongoing learning opportunities are provided to meet the  individual professional development needs of all NTIP teachers.  Examples of PD topics include, but are not restricted too the following:  Classroom Management, Assessment and Evaluation, Literacy, Numeracy, Teaching Students with Special Needs, Student Success, Blended Learning and Teaching Combined Grades.    

TEACHER PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS for NEW TEACHERS:  The appraisal process for new teachers provides teachers with a framework to encourage improvement efforts aimed at increasing student success.  All new teachers must receive two appraisals in the first 12 months after they begin teaching.  Further appraisals will occur if the teacher does not receive a Satisfactory rating.  The entire process is outlined in the Ministry document Teacher Performance Appraisals: Technical Requirements Manual.

Please note that although NTIP LTO teachers do not participate in Teacher Performance Appraisals beginning in September 2013,under Ontario Regulation 274/12 - Hiring Practices,  Long Term Occasional Teachers who are in their first contract of 4 months or more are required to participate in the LTO Evaluation process.  Information and forms related to the LTO Evaluation can be found on the board website by going to the Education and Resources Teachers... to LTOTE.  

The LTO Teacher Evaluation is not considered equivalent to a TPA that is required for permanent NTIP teachers nor does it count towards the NTIP notation.  It does not exempt a  teacher from the NTIP evaluation requirements once he/she secures a permanent job. 

ADMINISTRATOR INFORMATIONAdministrator involvement and the fulfillment of their responsibilities in connection to NTIP teachers or mentors in their schools are vital keys to the success of the NTIP.  NTIP also supports principals in their role as instructional leaders and in building a culture of professional learning within their schools.   "Principals are the single biggest factor in determining the positive professional culture required to nurture and sustain the success and well-being of teachers"  (Adapted from Helping New Teachers Reflections)



MANUALS:  Ministry resource handbooks provide examples of best practices to support the implementation of the induction elements of the NTIP.

FORMS and HANDOUTS:  Resources, and all required forms for all individuals involved in the program. 

MENTORING MOMENTS  - monthly newsletter from Ministry


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