Superior-Greenstone DSB Inaugural/Organizational Meeting

The Superior-Greenstone District School Board held its Inaugural Board Meeting on Monday, December 3 where several new Board members were welcomed.  The municipal elections held October 22 resulted in the three new Board members including Kal Pristanski representing Nipigon, Christine Major, representative of Manitouwadge and Jason Nesbitt representing Schreiber/Terrace Bay.


Joining their new colleagues were returning members Margaret McIntyre (Marathon), Michael Groulx (Red Rock/Dorion), Allison Pelletier (Greenstone), Mark Mannisto (Greenstone), Pinky McRae (Marathon) and Student Trustee Logan Furoy.  Together this group will represent their constituents and work with Superior-Greenstone DSB Senior Administration in the delivery of quality education for students over the next four years.


Before starting any business and in order to declare the Board legally constituted, Board members were sworn in after which the Executive Officer elections took place.  Trustee Pinky McRae was acclaimed as 2019 Board Chair, while Trustee Mark Mannisto was acclaimed to the office of Board Vice-Chair.  This is the 9th consecutive year for Pinky McRae’s acclamation as officer of the Board.  


Upon assuming the Chair position, McRae said, “I am looking forward to working with this team and proudly represent Superior-Greenstone District School Board for another term.  Through strong partnerships and innovative learning experiences we will build upon our past success and move forward with effective programming that fosters excellence in our elementary and secondary schools.  Together we will continue to inspire our learners and position our school board to achieve our goals and vision.”


Two other executive positions of the Board determined by acclamation were Allison Pelletier as Education Chair and Mark Mannisto as Chair of the Business/Negotiation Committee.


With the election matters concluded, Board Chair McRae moved on to the organizational portion of the meeting and the task of appointing trustees to the various statutory and standing committees of the Board.  Appointments to the Board Statutory Committees carry a mandate for the Board term which ends on November 30, 2022.


Appointed to the Audit Committee are Kal Pristanski, Margaret McIntyre and Christine Major.  The next two Statutory Committees carry a mandate of one year with trustee appointments effective until December 2019.  The Special Education Advisory Committee members are Mark Mannisto and Margaret McIntyre, while alternate members are Jason Nesbitt and Christine Major.  The appointee to the Parental Involvement Committee is Jason Nesbitt.  Two alternates named are Allison Pelletier and Kal Pristanski.


The appointments to the Standing Committees were also named. Jason Nesbitt, Margaret McIntyre, Michael Groulx, Allison Pelletier and Kal Pristanski will sit on the 2019 Board Discipline Committee. The Board Policy Review Committee appointees include Mark Mannisto, Margaret McIntyre, Jason Nesbitt, Allison Pelletier and Michael Groulx.  The two alternates are Kal Pristanski and Christine Major.

Superior-Greenstone DSB has education service agreements with area bands and councils for enrolment of Indigenous students and as such recognizes the importance of co-operation and communication between First Nation, Métis and Inuit stakeholders and the Board. In order to improve communication and receive input, the Indigenous Education Advisory Committee (IEAC) group was formed by the Board and annually, it appoints Trustees to IEAC.  For 2019, Margaret McIntyre and Mark Mannisto have been appointed.


The Superior-Greenstone DSB complement of trustees is to include one First Nation Trustee to represent the interests of Indigenous students on the Board.  Currently this position is vacant on the Board.  As per the Education Act (O. Reg. 462/97) the First Nation Trustee is to be recognized as an elected Board member; however the appointment must be one that all education service agreement bands and councils agree upon.  To date, the position remains vacant until our partners confirm a First Nation member of their collective choosing.  At that time, this member would be named the Chair of the Board’s IEAC.


The last two committees to have appointees assigned for the 2019 Board year were the Occupational Health and Safety Committee and the Transportation Committee.  Michael Groulx will sit on the Occupational Health and Safety committee with the alternate member being Mark Mannisto.  On the Transportation Committee, members will include Jason Nesbitt, Michael Groulx and alternate Christine Major.


Once the organizational portion was complete, the regular section of Board meeting got underway where general business, including the 2019 Regular Board meetings schedule was approved.  The Board also was presented with the Director’s Annual Report for the 2017-2018 school year that highlighted the school board’s continued dedication to student achievement and well-being.  A copy of the report can be found on the Board’s website at www.sgdsb.on.ca.


Interim Director of Education Nicole Morden Cormier stated that, “we are grateful to this dynamic group of volunteers for their commitment to our families, communities, and students.  Superior-Greenstone District School Board is celebrating its 20th year of providing quality public education to generations of learners.  Our recently implemented 2018-2023 Strategic Plan ensures the continuation of our legacy of innovative and progressive education.  Together the Trustees and our dedicated staff will continue to inspire our students to succeed and make a difference.”