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Red Rock Public School Accommodation Review


Superior-Greenstone District School Board

Notice to Stakeholders

That the Board will be undertaking a

Modified Pupil Accommodation Review of Red Rock Public School,

as per Policy 905 Pupil Accommodation.




January 31, 2017 

Public Meeting of Stakeholders Held in Red Rock 

Meeting Minutes - January 31, 2017

Responses to Questions Posed by Stakeholders

February 27, 2017

Final Report to Board Meeting

February 28, 2017

Final Staff Report Posted on the Board website

-  Please click here to view the report.

March 22, 2017

Public Delegations to the Board of Trustees in Red Rock

April 24, 2017

Presentation of Final Decision of the Board of Trustees

April 25, 2017

Final Decision of the Board of Trustees posted on the   Board Website and communicated to stakeholders.















The Pupil Accommodation Review process is a consultation process designed to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to communicate to the School Board their perspective on the educational needs of their children and their views on the Board’s specific proposal to close Red Rock Public School and transport students to the George O’Neill Public School.   Please send questions to   sgdsb%23on%23ca|boardoffice


Red Rock Public School Modified Pupil Accommodation Review Related Document Link

Pupil Accommodation Review for Red Rock Public School - Final Staff Report - Feb 27, 2017

Notice to Stakeholders - Public Delegations To The Board Of Trustees

Minutes - Public Meeting of Stakeholders - Jan 31, 2017

Public Meeting of Stakeholders:  Responses to Questions Posed by Stakeholders - Jan 31, 2017

Presentation: Red Rock Public School- Modified Pupil Accommodation Review - Jan 31, 2017

Public Meeting - Jan 31, 2017 - Meeting Handout

Public Meeting Notice - Public Meeting of Stakeholders Held in Red Rock - Jan 31, 2017

Board Policy 905 Pupil Accommodation

School Information Profile

Board Report No. O5 Red Rock Public School -Modified Pupil Accommodation Review

Notice to Stakeholders - Newspaper Dec 2016

Stakeholder Notification Letter - Dec 6, 2016

Press Release No. 02 - RRPS - Modified Pupil Accommodation Review





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Important Dates


Regular Board Meeting

Monday,  April 24, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Designated Site:

Lake Superior High School, Terrace Bay


High Schools Videoconference Sites:

Geraldton Composite HS, 500 Second Street

Geraldton, ON

Lake Superior High School, 19 Hudson Drive

Terrace Bay, ON

Manitouwadge HS, 200 Manitou Road West

Manitouwadge, ON

Nipigon-Red Rock DHS, 20 Frost Street,

Red Rock, ON

Marathon High School, 14 Hemlo Drive

Marathon, ON

12 Hemlo Drive, Postal Bag 'A'

Marathon, ON, P0T 2E0

Phone: (807) 229-0436

Fax: (807) 229-1471