December 7, 2012

The Superior-Greenstone District School Board  held its 2013 Annual Organizational and Regular Board Meeting on Friday, December 7, 2012.

 The first order of business, to elect the 2013 Board Chair was completed quickly as Pauline (Pinky) McRae was acclaimed as Board Chair assuming this executive position for the second consecutive year.

 "I am honored to have once again be entrusted with the role of chair by my fellow trustees,” said Pinky McRae.

 “Our board of trustees is a group of dedicated individuals who understand the importance of what can be achieved when working together as a team. Trustees along with our Senior Administration team have dedicated countless hours in professional development and our achievements of the past year confirm the commitment we have all made to improve student achievement and well being for all students of in our Board,” said McRae.

In thanking the Board for their trust, McRae added, “Although we have many challenges moving forward, I'm confident that this team will rise to these challenges by continuing to build relationships as well demonstrating responsible stewardship of our resources.  I am proud to be part of such a great team.”

Following this, Director David Tamblyn opened the meeting by unveiling a substantial looking plaque outlining the details of the Board’s recently adopted Board Multi-Year Strategic Plan.

In making the presentation, Tamblyn said, “Superior-Greenstone District School Board began the new school year with a fresh set of priorities and commitments.  I am proud of what we accomplished both in regard to the content of the Strategic Plan and how it evolved from the work of a very dedicated committee and a fulsome discussion with a broad spectrum of board stakeholders and partners.  The content in this plaque is not my doing, but rather it is the result of extensive collaboration and it belongs to everyone.”

Tamblyn said, “The Strategic Plan is our blueprint for the future.  It describes who we are as a Board and our common purpose.”  He added that the document will be installed in the Board meeting room and each school will have a similar item to display in their foyers.

During the meeting, several other executive position were filled by acclamation including Trustee Mark Mannisto who assumes the office of Vice Chair; Trustee Angel Santerre returns to her portfolio as Chair of the Education Committee and Trustee Darlene Keenan is at the helm once again as Chair of the Business/Negotiations Committees.

Appointments to the various statutory and standing committees were made as follows:

Special Education Advisory Committee

Trustees Appointed:      Cindy Brown and Matthew Fisher

(Alternates):      Mark Mannisto and Darlene Keenan

Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Trustees Appointed:      Fred Simonaitis and Matthew Fisher

(Alternate):        Mark Mannisto


Student Alternative Learning Committee

Trustees Appointed:      Cindy Brown

(Alternate):        Angel Santerre

Parental Involvement Committee

Trustees Appointed:      Darlene Keenan, Mark Mannisto and Fred Simonaitis

(Alternates):      Angel Santerre and Cindy Brown

Native Education Advisory Committee (NEAC)

Trustees Appointed       Fred Simonaitis

(Alternates):      Cindy Brown and Angel Santerre

The appointment of the NEAC Chair will be confirmed in the new year as meetings are scheduled with the committee composed of First Nations tuition agreement partners.

Transportation Committee

Trustees Appointed:      Fred Simonaitis and Mark Mannisto

(Alternate):        Cindy Brown

Board Discipline Committee

Trustees Appointed:      Angel Santerre, Fred Simonaitis, Darlene Keenan, Cindy Brown and Matthew Fisher

The seat of as Student Trustee is held by Aaron MacGregor who hails from Manitouwadge High School.  As per the Education Act, MacGregor was sworn into office in August 2012 to complete a one year term

The Board of Trustees set its Regular Board Meeting schedule for 2013 as follows:

Monday, January 21            Tuesday, February 19            Monday, March 25

Monday, April 22                  Tuesday, May 21                     Monday, June 17

Monday, July 15                    Monday, August 19               Monday, September 16

Monday, October 21            Monday, November 18         Friday, December 6

With the exception of the Annual Organizational meetings which is starts at 11:00 a.m., all meetings are scheduled at 6:30 p.m. in the Superior-Greenstone District School Board’s Meeting Room at 12 Hemlo Drive, Marathon, ON