Special Education Advisory Committee

What is SEAC?

Under Ontario's Education Act, every student is entitled to a program which meets their needs.  In Superior-Greenstone District School Board, our Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) helps the Board protect the rights of students with special learning needs.  SEAC provides information, advise and assistance to parents/guardians whose children may require additional support.  

SEAC advises and makes recommendations to the Board concerning the establishment and development of special education programs and services.  

What happens at a SEAC Meeting?

SEAC meetings are a forum for SEAC members to provide advice and discussion of Board programs and support services for exceptional pupils.  

Meetings follow a formal format including:

  • Review of Minutes
  • Presentations
  • Current issues and initaitives in Special Education
  • Board Reports by Staff
  • Correspondence and questions

You are welcome to attend!

The Superior-Greenstone District School Board invites all parents/guardians and interested members of the public to attend Special Education Advisory Committee meetings.  

The Committee meets through video conference at 3:00 p.m. (usually every 2nd Tuesday of the month).  Should you wish to attend, please email or 


SEAC Meeting Minutes