Communication to Parents/Guardians


Dear parent(s) and guardian(s),

RE: Update: Secondary Learning Model for September 2021

The health, safety and well-being of students and staff is a top priority as we make plans to reopen schools for the 2021-22 school year. Schools will continue to create a welcoming, respectful, inclusive, and supportive environment for all.

The Superior-Greenstone District School Board would like to have students back in class this September learning through conventional delivery as well as our local videoconference system, with school every weekday, with regular class sizes, with regular social interaction and extra-curricular activities where Public Health and Ministry of Education guidance permits.

In planning for the resumption of instruction in the fall, it is critical to balance the risk of direct infection and transmission of COVID-19 in children with the impact of school closures on their physical and mental health. Current evidence supports the concept that children should return to school in a carefully structured manner that protects children's health and minimizes risks from a public health perspective.

The current public health circumstances related to COVID-19 requires Superior-Greenstone District School Board to prepare for a range of delivery circumstances for the 2021-22 school year.  Under the advice of the Ministry of Education, SGDSB will begin learning in September following the “Quadmester” model with the continuation of cohorting, sanitizing and safety measures.  We have heard from families and we will be discontinuing the study hall model which will allow students to be with their classroom teacher for the entire learning block of 150 minutes.  We will also continue with asynchronous days to conclude each quadmester.  Finally, we will be carefully re-introducing exams where required for next year.  The use of the quadmester model will provide greater opportunities in the event that we must pivot quickly as well as offer more opportunities for extra-curricular and traditional school activities with smaller cohorts and contacts.

The Ministry of Education will be releasing further guidance on the specific safety measures for schools in August.  We hope to learn more about extra-curricular activities, physical education, access to schools, training requirements etc. for the new year.  We will be updating families shortly after we receive this information.

For further information on the secondary plans please refer to the updated Covid-19 Secondary Fact Sheet.  As always, should you have any questions please contact your local school Principal.


Yours in education,


Will Goodman

Superintendent of Education