SGDSB Wireless Troubleshoot

Troubleshooting steps to follow when having difficulties connecting to wireless:

  • Turn your wireless off for 10 seconds and back on. Reconnect if necessary

  • Check connection on wireless access point through another Wireless Network (Public)

  • Check if another device can connect to the Wireless Network

  • Try connecting device right close to access point

  • If your device keeps getting disconnected ensure only one of your devices is connected to SGDSBStaff at one time

  • Try another access point around building

  • Remove and re-add Network settings

  • Restart device

  • Adding the School Board certificate may be needed and is available Here

  • Check for updates for your operating system or wireless driver.

  • If the device is not a tested device, it may not be compatible with our system, or additional configuration or support may be needed