Asbestos Advisory

Older buildings within the Superior-Greenstone District School Board may have asbestos in some of the construction materials found within room(s) that aremade available for community use activities. There is no risk to users of the building under normal circumstances, as all asbestos is either encapsulated, covered by rigid construction material, or contained in rigid materials, and not prone to becoming airborne, unless severe damage occurs to the protective layer.

As required by Ontario Regulation 278/05, the Superior-Greenstone District School Board has an Asbestos Management Program in place. Further information can be located in SGDSB's Plant Procedures Manual. In addition, a complete list of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM), if present, can be found in the Health and Safety Reference Manual located in the Maintenance office yellow locker or the Head Custodian’s office. Applicable site drawings are also posted in local schools on the Plant Information Bulletin Board.

As a permit holder, it is recommended that you let your participants/users know about this advisory.