Student Learning Resources

Superior-Greenstone District School Board is committed to supporting students and families during these unprecedented times.  In order to continue to keep students and families safe, much of these learning options are being made available through technology platforms.  If your child requires access to a device (laptop/iPad) please reach out to their principal and necessary arrangements will be made.  

On Friday, our Ministry of Education announced the launch of a new online platform entitled, "Learn at Home" to support stimulating students and to continue to motivate them to learn. 


Superior-Greenstone has collected some additional supplementary (optional) resources to support you if you wish to access them.  Please note that while these supplementary (optional) resources are for students in all grades, the resources shared within the Ministry's platform provide comprehensive support at grade level for students - especially for our secondary students who may already be familiar with them and the platform, having had the opportunity to engage in blended learning.  




We recognize that learning within these times can take many forms.  You may find yourself asking how you can impact your child's learning in the coming months.  We encourage you to teach them skills - everyday living skills, as well as keeping them educated.  Some examples include; teach them how to cook, teach them how to read recipes, teach them how to start and grow produce, teach them the art of preserving, teach them to paint, carve or do woodworking, show them how to change a tire or change the oil on a car, play games, write stories and be innovative!  This is a time we will al be learning.  (Adapted from Facebook post by Wendy R. Ligate)

For information on assistance programs available to help families access the Internet, please visit our Internet and Cell Phone Access Information page.