SGDSB Welcomes Edsby


 Superior-Greenstone District School Board is excited to introduce new changes to its communication methods for the upcoming school year! Superior-Greenstone is happy to announce that it has chosen Edsby for a parent/guardian communication platform. The school board feels that Edsby will allow for easier communication of important school information such as attendance, school news and important dates with parents, guardians and students. Edsby was chosen not only for its ease of use, but because it would help support their goal of increasing parent engagement.


Superior-Greenstone was seeking a platform that would not only support educators in their assessment practice, but would also strengthen family-school partnerships. The board recognizes that the methods of communication are shifting in this rapidly changing world, and wanted to provide a tool for all partners to safely and securely meet our evolving communication needs.


David Tamblyn, Director of Education at Superior-Greenstone District School Board states, “our schools recognize the important role that strong family partnerships have in supporting our learners throughout their educational journey with Superior-Greenstone District School Board.


Research shows that a family’s involvement in their child’s education has a significant impact on student learning. In choosing Edsby as our parent engagement platform, we hope that the process for open communication and collaboration for student success becomes even easier for our families and is mutually beneficial to all.”


Edsby has many features to help streamline the communication process, and starting in September, Parents and Guardians will be able to access their child’s attendance information and school news online or using the Edsby app, which is available in their app store 24/7.

Edsby is a safe, and secure online environment and only those individuals granted access will be allowed to see school and student information.


Educators throughout Superior-Greenstone District School Board are committed to parent/guardian partnerships and stated that “this partnership is vital to all our children's success and we hope that Edsby makes this access to your child’s information even easier”.


Superior-Greenstone District School Board will officially begin using the system for the start of the new school year, and registration letters will be sent home to parents before the end of this school year. If your child is a student with Superior-Greenstone District School Board and you wish to register in person, parents/guardians are encouraged to call or stop by their local school to provide their email address and get started with Edsby.  For additional information regarding the launch of Edsby, please contact the administrator of your child’s school.