Kendall Cormier

Superior-Greenstone DSB Student Appointed to Minister’s Student Advisory Council

 In a letter to the Director of Education, David Tamblyn, sent last month, it was announced that Kendall Cormier has been appointed to the Minister’s 2018-19 Student Advisory Council. Kendall is a grade 8 student at George O’Neill Public School.  According to Principal Kellie Wrigley, Kendall is an extremely dedicated and hardworking student. She always puts her best effort forward and contributes to the school community on a daily basis.


In 2008, the Minister of Education signed an order to create the Minister's Student Advisory Council, under section 10 (a) of the Education Act. The first ever meeting of the Council was held on May 12, 2009.  This year there were over 480 applications to the Student Advisory Council from across Ontario, and Kendall was one of the 60 students to be chosen. The successful applicants were chosen in recognition of the leadership and initiative that they have shown. Along with the rest of the council, Kendall will share her experiences and perspective around education in Ontario with the Minister of Education and other members of the Ministry of Education.