New Safety Measure Implemented

MARATHON, Ontario – The Superior-Greenstone District School Board has recently implemented an additional layer of safety within its multi layered safety approach during the COVID-19 Pandemic.   Secondary school students within the School Board will now be completing a self-screening questionnaire prior to the start of their first scheduled class each day.   This self-screening tool will be implemented to ensure the Students regularly monitor for potential symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.  The School Board operates five secondary schools across the district, consisting of the Marathon High School, Nipigon-Red Rock District High School, Geraldton Composite High School, Lake Superior High School and the Manitouwadge High School. 


Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching Contact Stacey Wallwin explained that “Students can easily access the self-screening questions using Edsby messages, a communication tool regularly used by the School Board to connect with Students and Parents.”   She noted that “paper copies of the self-screening questions will be made available in the office if Students cannot access the screening questions via technology.”  Students can access Edsby on their computer, tablet or phone.  The Edsby app is free and Staff are working to support Students who wish to add the app to their phone for easy access.  If a student does not complete the self-screening questions prior to entering the building, teachers will prompt students to complete the questions at the start of class.


The new self-screening requirement begins Tuesday, February 16, 2021 and is a requirement for all of their Secondary School Students across the district.  Families of Elementary School Students are asked to continue to complete the student self-screening tool which is found online at prior to sending their child to school.


Director of Education Nicole Morden Cormier explained that, the “health and safety of our Staff and Students is our top priority.  Everyone has a shared responsibility to follow the multi layered safety approach in place.  These efforts are designed to help keep everyone safe and to ensure that anyone with potential COVID-19 symptoms does not attend school.   We greatly appreciate the continued efforts of our Students, Staff and communities for their commitment to following the safety measures implemented by our Schools and the Ministry of Education.  We are thankful to the families for their perseverance through the challenges we have collectively faced during the Pandemic and we appreciate their commitment to completing the COVID-19 Self-Screening tools daily.  Together we can continue to keep our small Schools and communities safe and healthy. “