Resignation of First Nation Trustee Dr. Paul Cormier

Paul Cormier

MARATHON, Ontario – The Superior-Greenstone District School Board announces with regret the resignation of First Nation Trustee, Dr. Paul Cormier.  The resignation is due to personal time constraints and was formally announced at the Regular Board meeting on April 29, 2024.  Trustee Cormier has been an integral part of the school board since October 2019 and has made significant contributions to advancing education. 


As First Nation Trustee, he played a key role in representing the interests of the First Nation communities at the school board level and ensuring that there is dialogue with the community about the work of the board and matters affecting Indigenous students.  Throughout his tenure, Trustee Cormier has served as a steadfast advocate for education, bringing invaluable insight and dedication to his role.  His commitment to fostering inclusivity and promoting educational equity has left a lasting impact on the school board and the wider community. 


Trustee Cormier's leadership extended beyond the school board meetings, as he served as the Chair of the Indigenous Education Advisory Committee (IEAC) and represented Indigenous education as part of the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC).  Additionally, Trustee Cormier served on the Indigenous Trustee Council with the Ontario Public School Board's Association (OPSBA), further amplifying his influence and dedication to education.


On behalf of the Superior-Greenstone District School Board Chair, Pinky McRae, expressed “deepest gratitude to Trustee Cormier for his unwavering service and remarkable contributions to education.  Trustee Cormier's wisdom, passion, and tireless advocacy have greatly enriched the educational landscape within our school board and across the province.”


The school board looks forward to continuing to work with Dr. Cormier in his capacity as Chair of Indigenous Education at Lakehead University and his legacy of advocacy and commitment to education with the school board will continue to inspire.  The Superior-Greenstone District School Board will begin work with First Nation community partners to fill the vacant role.