School Facilities Funding Announcement for Superior-Greenstone DSB

The Superior-Greenstone District School Board is pleased to announce that their application to relocate the Geraldton Child Care and Early On Center to the B.A. Parker and Geraldton Composite High School complex has been approved.  The school board will receive $8.4M from the Ministry of Education to retrofit and expand the current B.A. Parker Public School for the child-care and Early On Centre programs and for a major renovation to Geraldton Composite High School. This application was the result of years of collaboration between the Municipality of Greenstone and the School Board, with support from several community partners.

 This project has been the vision of the School Board and the Municipality for a number of years.  There are many advantages to the relocation of services, including the expansion of the current Geraldton Child Care to include an infant program.  For families, it also means access to services all under one roof.  The current complex already houses Contact North Distance Education, a Confederation College Regional Campus, and a community swimming pool run by the municipality.   The retrofit project includes the expansion of child care spaces, 3 new child care rooms, 2 new EarlyOn rooms, and renovations to the Geraldton Composite High School which includes the creation of Indigenous cultural spaces and a full renovation of the cafeteria.  This expansion supports the School Board's vision to increase support for families through high quality, accessible programs and services, from birth to adulthood.

Board Chair Pinky McRae stated that "the Superior-Greenstone District School Board has a collective vision of school facilities as the hub of communities.  This is a perfect example of that vision coming to life.  Having a child-care and EarlyOn Centre, Contact North, Confederation College, an elementary school, a high school, and the municipal pool all under one roof is excellent for the community.  We are excited about the enhancements that will be made to the BA Parker and Geraldton Composite High Schools as part of this project."



To read the News Release from the Ministry of Education, please view the document provided in the link below; 

Adobe Acrobat  Download Ministry of Education News Release - February 13, 2020